Foreign Exchange

– Convert and Exchange Currencies across 40+ Currencies.

– Currency Exchanges can be done through your MotoMoney Account.

– Sole Trader Payments.

Spot Transactions: 

Spot Trades occur when making an exchange at the current market rate during a purchase or sale of a foreign currency for immediate receipt on a specified spot date. 

Online Multi-Currency Account

– Send and Receive Payments from over 150+ Destinations through your Multi-Currency Account.


– Track all your Activity, Payments and Transactions through your MotoMoney Account.

– Add Funds, view your balances and choose the speed of payment through our SWIFT & SEPA payments network

Risk Management

– We provide bespoke solutions to help mitigate your currency risk in the Forex Markets


Forward Contracts:

 A forward contract is when you ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’. We provide two types of Forward contracts which are Window and Fixed


This is a form of hedging against moving exchange rates, a forward contract allows you to fix your rates allowing you to navigate even the most volatile currency markets.

Market Orders

Businesses can set their ideal rate and our team will track the
market for you. When your rate is achievable, we will automatically notify you to process your transaction swiftly.


Advanced FX orders allow you to buy currency at your chosen exchange rate, with the trade being processed if or when the rate has been met. This means that you receive an exchange rate with which you are happy, and it also means that there’s no need to monitor the market or worry about your currency exposure.

Mass / Bulk Payments

 Make thousands of payments simultaneously with our API & bulk payments infrastructure. With a simple file upload, you can pay staff, suppliers and other stakeholders around your global network.



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